Mold + Press Platen Insulation

Asbestos-free Glass-Reinforced Thermoset Polyester composites engineered for superior Energy Efficiency, Temperature Control, Hi-Strength and Durability in Hi-Temp Mold and Press Platen applications

Particularly practical in applications where predictable, even dispersion of heat is desirable.

Mold + Press Platen insulation grades withstand high Mechanical loads while minimizing Compressive “set” concerns in tool and press alignment.

Operating temperatures up to and exceeding 550F degrees with low Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Expansion values.


Popular Applications:

  • Press Platen Insulation
  • Mold Insulation
  • Hi-Temp Barriers and Dividers
  • Couplers, Standoffs, Mounting Blocks
  • Bolsters, Plugs, Caps
  • Thermal Break Control Mounts

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