Arboron and EPG are paper-based Industrial and Decorative laminates impregnated with a Phenolic resin and thermoset under high pressure and heat into a solid, dense Sheet product offering good Electrical and Mechanical properties.

Arboron’s Melamine outer layers provide excellent Chemical and Abrasion resistance, Electrical values and Flame-Retardant properties are recognized and listed under Underwriters Laboratories Inc® File # E96516 (M) for material over 0.240-in thickness.

EPG does not have the outer cover layers of Melamine, therefore is popular in lesser-Electrical and General-purpose applications where the UL-flammability provided by these layers may not be critical.

Both grades boast exceptional machinability including sawing, milling, routing, drilling, tapping, countersinking and counterboring.

Popular applications include Switchgear + Control Mounting and Test Panels, Bus Supports, Phase Barriers, Arc Chutes, Non-Conductive Benches and Fixturing, Lo- to Medium-voltage Electrical Bushings, Spacers, Standoffs, Terminal Strips and numerous other critical components in Electrical markets and industries.


Popular Applications

  • Electrical Control + Test Panels
  • Non-Conductive Work Benches
  • Switchgear Mounting
  • Phase Barriers
  • Bus Supports
  • PLC Mounting Boards + Faceplates
  • Keyboard Trays
  • Router Table Tops
  • Table Saw Throat Plates
  • Terminal Boards and Mounting Strips
  • Arc Chutes and Barriers

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