Glass Polyester Sheet | GPO-1, GPO-3

Polyester resin systems are molded with Random Glass mat to produce sheets from 1/32-in to over 2.00-in thicknesses.
Popular grades are also available in Pultruded Sheet in a wide variety of configurations.

Same as with Pultruded Angles + Channels, the versatility offered by modern Polyester resin systems is extensive.

GPO-3 is both Flame Retardant and Track Resistant in UL Temperature Class B 130C applications, offering Low Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Expansion values in all but the most demanding and critical Electrical applications.

GPO-1 grades are available from General-Purpose 130C-rated Class B product up to 180C-rated Class H product and beyond.

Glass Vinylester formulations are available in the same range of sheet configurations, offering unique Moisture Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Corrosion Resistance and UV Resistance in many special applications and markets.


Popular Applications:

  • Panelboards, Barriers, Enclosures, Step Blocks
  • Transformer Core Windings
  • Reactor Core Insulation
  • Winding Combs
  • HV Barriers, Shields, Terminal Blocks
  • Bus Supports and Insulation
  • Wave Solder Pallets
  • Motor Slot Wedges, Topsticks, End Laminations
  • Arc Chutes and Barriers
  • Electrode Insulation + Supports
  • Bobbins, End Plates, Spacers, Shims
  • Fuse Tubes
  • Cable Supports

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