Engineered Thermoplastics

Thermoplastics and the underlying science of Polymers have played key roles since the 1920’s and 30’s in revolutionizing countless Industrial market segments as well as the production and availability of Textiles, Consumer Goods and Packaging.

Engineered Thermoplastics generally have combinations of Thermal, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical properties compared to commodity resins.

These plastics can be extruded, molded, skived and slit into an impressive variety of sheets, tubes, rods and coils for stamping, forming and machining into parts that are able to bear loads and high stresses, perform at elevated temperatures, provide Lo-Friction and Wear Resistant properties, Static Dissipative value, Chemical and UV-resistance and in many examples, extremely good Electrical values.


Popular Applications:

  • Washers, Spacers, Shims
  • Clamps, Dividers, Lids, Caps
  • Wear Strips, Friction Plates, Seals
  • Gears, Star Wheels, Actuators, Cams,
  • Guides, Rails, Supports, Ribs
  • Hubs, Wheels
  • Decorative End Plates + Handles
  • Nuts + Bolts, Screws, Pins
  • Mounting Brackets

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