Machining + Fabrication

GRT’s machining capabilities are substantial.

Our expertise in Machining + Fabrication, Design and Prototyping has earned us good standing with the largest and most prominent Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Maintenance and Repair groups in numerous market segments and industries world-wide.

Driven by Customer Satisfaction, Client Partnerships, and Innovative Manufacturing Solutions, we offer our clients only the highest quality Products and Services.

We would be pleased to discuss specific markets and applications for any of our range of Mechanical- and Electrical-grade products anytime at your convenience.

Machining and Fabrication capabilities include sawing, shearing, drilling, milling, stamping, die-cutting, coating and painting, screen printing, forming and bending, assembly and kitting.

Most notably, we offer a range of CNC Machining and Waterjet cutting services including sophisticated 5-axis technology and capabilities.




For more details click here to visit our Material Specification Library Page (Size Charts and Spec Sheets).