High Pressure Laminate Sheets, Tubes and Rods

Paper, Cotton and Glass Cloth are combined with a variety of resin systems and laminated under heat and pressure to create a range of products with high Mechanical and Electrical values.

When heat and pressure are applied to the layers a chemical Polymerization is completed which transforms the layers into a solid mass which except by special means in unique cases, cannot be re-softened by the re-application of heat.

The structure of the resin is permanently changed to an infusible, insoluble state hence the terminology Thermosetting plastics.

Each grade has many desirable properties in important combinations – Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal and Chemical values resulting in a wide variety of materials versatile and unique in many important applications.


Popular Applications:

  • Electrical Control + Test Panels
  • Switchgear Mounting
  • Phase Barriers, Bus Supports
  • Terminal Boards and Mounting Strips
  • Arc Chutes and Barriers
  • Electrode Insulation + Supports
  • Bus Tube Insulation
  • Wave Solder Pallets + hardware
  • Washers, Spacers, Shims
  • Bushings, Standoffs, Stops
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Motor Slot Wedges, Topsticks, End Laminations
  • Clamps, Dividers, Lids, Caps
  • Wear Strips, Friction Plates, Seals
  • Gears, Actuators, Cams,
  • Guides, Rails, Supports, Ribs
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Fuse Tubes
  • Core Winding Tubes
  • Mounting Panels

For more details click here to visit our Material Specification Library Page (Size Charts and Spec Sheets).