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Arboron® is Melamine-Faced Solid Phenolic Laminate impregnated with Thermosetting Resins, consolidated under High Pressure and Temperature into a dense, uniform Arboron sheet with good Electrical and Mechanical Properties. Our Arboron sheet and EPG sheet complies with NEMA thickness and flatness standards, and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® under Card # E96516 (M), dated December 30, 1992. The Arboron sheet and EPG sheet is distributed by GRT Genesis Inc., an ISO 9002 Certified Company.



Arboron is composed of papers impregnated with Melamine and Phenolic Thermosetting Resins, consolidated under High Pressure and temperature into dense, uniform sheets with good Electrical and Mechanical properties. The Melamine surface of Arboron provides excellent Chemical and Abrasion resistance for the Arboron sheet and phenolic sheet. It’s very high strength-to-weight ratio and relative ease of Fabrication make Arboron an excellent choice for new designs. 

  • Electrical Control and Test Panels
  • Switchgear Mounting
  • Non-Conductive Work Benches
  • Phase Barriers

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