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Products & Materials


Lexan Film, Electrical Insulation Film, and More

GRT Genesis offers a wide range of Extruded and Cast Products in Sheet, Rod, Film (including Electrical Insulation Film and Lexan Film), Tube, and any other conceivable form.

Our Electrical Insulation Film, Sheets and Rods are very commonly used in the Electric Industry and are well-reputed because they are known to be dependable and effective. For example, our Lexan Film and Electrical Insulation Film are both exceptionally strong, and the latter offers a balance of Chemical, Electrical, Physical and Thermal properties.


Materials Available: 

•    Acetals
•    Delrin
•    Delrin AF
•    Delrin CL
•    Blue Cast Nylon
•    Nylatron
•    Nylon 6/6 and Teflon
•    UHMW Polyethylene
•    Lexan Film 
•    Polycarbonate
•    PVC
•    ABS


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For more details click here to visit our Material Specification Library Page (Size Charts and Spec Sheets).