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173 Glidden Road Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6W 3L9
Tel: (905) 452-0552
Fax: (905) 452-8217
Toll: 1-800-361-1698

Electrical Insulation • Plastics • Stamping • Machining • Fabricating

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About Us


B.P. Timpano

W.J.  Gaska


GRT Strive to be a world leader in

Engineered Plastics

Electrical Insulation

Power Distribution Products


In Business over 30 years

Grown to over 50 Employees


  • As the marketplace changes and expands, our commitment to innovative solutions keeps us at the forefront.
  • Have built an excellent reputation in the market place and
  • Increased market share via better
    • Customer Service
    • Client Partnerships
    • High Level of Quality
  • ISO Certified
  • We continue to adapt to our clients’ needs and pride ourselves in creating long-term client and supplier relationships.
  • This high level of communication results in
    • Lower costs
    • Shorter lead times
    • Better product quality
  • Due to those strengths
    • Have a steady and consistent 6-10% sales growth per year
  • Well managed growth that allows us to service our customers
    • Continually invest in plant and equipment



  • Engineered Thermoplastics
    • Such as Nylon, Delrin, Teflan, UHMW and Lexan etc
  • Wedges and Power Generation Components
    • Customized designed wedge lines
  • Built Ourselves
    • Power Generation Components for Turbine and Hydro Generators
  • Fibreglass Products
    • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics
    • Threaded Rods and Nuts
    • Formed Assembled Components
    • Scotchply
  • Transformer & Switchgear Components
  • Winding Combs
    • Make on CNC Work Station  and Waterjet Cut
  • Stamping and Die Cutting
  • Manufacturer of Pultruded Rod
  • Over 100 different Grades of HPL (High Pressure Laminates)
    • G10, G11, CE, XX, G5
  • Have Customized Molding, Fabricating and Rubber roll covering shop specializing in all types of 
    • Rubber, 
    • EPDM,
    • Urethane Products,
    • Silicone Products
  • Work with all LPL Glass Polyester Laminate Material
    • GPO1-2-3, SG200, CLASS F-H
  • Offer wide range of Extruded and Cast products in any conceivable form
  • Sheets
  • Rods
  • Tube
  • Film All in Variety of sizes and thicknesses
  • Wide variety of Machining
    • Up to 12 ft
  • Tight tolerances  +- .001 of an inch thick OR .02mm where required
  • Machining Services include

-   Shaping                     -   Sawing                    -  Lathe

-   Sanding                     -   Shearing                 -  Milling

-  Threading                   -   Drilling                    -  Taping

-  Slitting                       -   Routing                    -  Silk screening

-  Painting                     -   Waterjet                   -  CNC work centers



  • Manufacturing footprint 50,000+sqft  or approx. 5000sq meters
  • Two locations in Canada
    • Both easy access to US market
  • Currently Sell & Ship world wide
    • Philippines,
    • USA,
    • Mexico,
    • China,
    • Germany,
    • Australia
  • Access to High Quality Suppliers


Give us a call today! Toll Free 1.800.361.1698 One of our representatives will be happy to assist you in finding the right match for your business.

For more details click here to visit our Material Specification Library Page (Size Charts and Spec Sheets).